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International Recipes

Pork Chops with Green Olives and Lemon
Season the chops with salt and pepper. `Season` also with sugar, sprinkling judiciously over both sides of the chops, as if it were salt. Heat the oil in a saute pan and brown the chops on both sides.... Read mBlog

Ways To Make Money From The Internet

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Many people have not been able to withdraw money from this wonderful website. I tell them that they have to work hard to make it happen. Everything comes with continuous work. I leave you the picture... Read mBlog

Illustrate your name into arabic

Illustrate your name into arabic
New StoryMy idea is simply to turn your name in arabic letters with graphics and good illustration, i do many designs with different names, it`s really fun to have one by your own name, i had this ide... Read mBlog

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good start for all
good luck for all... Read mBlog

i love monky talk

monky talk is the best
monky talk This sea of endless acquaintance of the peoples know their customs and traditions It brings them together on one love and one desired goal for profit and continue love life and the beautifu... Read mBlog

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Welcome to MonkyTalk!
Hello, Welcome to MonkyTalk! Enjoy and familiarize your self with how this site works. Here I have short tips that may help on earning and earning : 1. Login each day for at least 5 minutes.... Read mBlog

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idont believe money fall down like rain in my head
imagintion ilusion dreams and more without reality lol... Read mBlog

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The Power in Flowers
there is power in all that we see around us. We have the power to heal, curse,bless etc. Yes Flowers can do all this.... Read mBlog


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