Mine Our Digital Gold!

About MonkyTalk

MonkyTalk is a social and economic experiment... A none corporate social media platform with its own digital gold economy! We give the power to you The People Of The World to run and profit from it.

How Does That Work?

Simple. Here you get all the basic tools that the other social media sites offer. The difference is on MonkyTalk you the members will direct the site and retain the profits.

By contributing in any way large or small you will earn MonkyTalk gold coins. The more you contribute the more you get. Any profits the site earns will go into the sites treasury to give the gold coins real world value.

What Can You Use The Gold For

You can trade or sell your gold for $CAD to other members using the GJEX (The Great Jungle Gold Exchange). To collect your $CADs you need a PayPal or Skrill Account.

You can save your gold and use it to buy advertising to promote your self or your business.

The more active members we have the more businesses will want to advertise. To do that they will have to buy your gold. So tell your friends to join and help build the network. The bigger the better!

Is It Free?

Most of the services on monkytalk are free just like the other sites. To keep the site running we do need some people that want to put out some money and in exchange earn a greater share of the profits for their trouble. These people will be called Tycoons and they will earn their profit by charging their local members a Gold Coin Tax.

How Does It Pay The People?

Every monkytalk member has their own monkytalk bank account where they accumulate gold coins (tokens). Gold can be earned in many ways. The revenue the site earns from advertising will go into the sites treasury. The total money CAD (Canadian Dollars) in the treasury divided by the total number of gold coins in the bank will be the Real World Value of a gold coin.