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I don`t know where this (it looks to be somewhere in the Grand Tetons) but the landscape is dramatic and the colors ae breathtaking!

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Article Date Aug 1 2018 02:47:54:530PM

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Another opportunity

I`ve posted very little because of trying to confirm if certain online opportunities were legit. I`ve found a site that I`ve not invested any money in and as of today, I`ve earned a little over $43.00.

Now of course that`s next to nothing but I only used the $20.00 sign up bonus, so I doubled my profit. I`m continuing with this approach. This opportunity is still in prelaunch. Official launch is scheduled for early January 2019. If you`d like to check out what I`ve been doing, go to: I`ve posted very little because of trying to

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Article Date Dec 27 2018 06:44:42:800PM

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If you`re looking for legit online money-making opportunities, you know there are an infinite number of scams and offers that just don`t work. However a longtime online associate introduced me to one that shows promise. At present, there are still Founder positions open but they will no doubt be gone soon as the system will soon go live. I invite you to check it out at:

If you`re looking for legit online money-maki

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Article Date Mar 13 2019 10:51:21:347AM

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GoFounders update

If any of you have tried clinking on the GoFounders link in my last blog entry, you have experienced some difficulty. The team is working hard on getting everything straighten out before pre-launch, which is due to happen this week.

There are still Founders Positions available, but when it goes into pre-launch, these may not last for long. I will update this blog asap when the new information comes in. I will also have new links that you can use once the system is fully operational.

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Article Date Mar 21 2019 06:10:58:023PM

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Another update

Hi Fellow Talkers,

Haven`t been able to be as active on the site as before (unexpected life happenings), but would like to thank all those who chose to follow. I`m still working with GoFounders and the way things look, it won`t be too long before the big launch.

The window for becoming an Early-Bird Founder will soon be closed forever, bu I`ve since learned another option has become available: that of being an Affiliate Founder. The cost is 25 dollars and it carries a money back guarantee, but seeing the potential of this business, I intend to stay in it for good. I invite you to explore the business at: Hi Fellow Talkers,

Haven`t been able

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Article Date Sep 20 2019 02:49:20:220PM

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To those kind enough to read this, thank you

It`s been some time since my past post. Lots of necessary things had to be taken care of. That`s life.

Just wanted those who may be interested to know I`m still with GoFounders, which is soon to launch. Over 42,300 Founders have joined us so far. Once ONPASSIVE launches, new Founder positions will be gone.

You can wait until launch and become a member for $25. However the Founder position is the best way to go. Either way, REGISTER FOR FREE and take a good look! It`s been some time since my past post. Lots

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Article Date Oct 29 2019 09:55:38:240AM

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